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Jump into a thrilling, adrenaline-high VR Experience  

Taurus VR, un shooter espacial de corte retro


Real o Virtual

Taurus VR. Los SHMUPS se pasan a la Realidad Virtual



Retro, but not as you know it

Get ready to move like never before inside this Virtual Reality Space-shooter with our extremely responsive 6 degrees’ body motion control system. You’ll fight your way through an alien universe using your body movement to control the spaceship, and your hands and arms to handle a simple yet dynamic attack and defence combat system.

To complete your missions, you’ll have up to 4 different spaceships (each with its own fighting style) and a range of weapons, drones and shields at your disposal. Feel like the best pilot in the galaxy outmanoeuvring and destroying all kind of aliens, mercenaries and rebel spaceships!


Space, Shooter, VR

Release Date

Winter, 2019


Oculus Rift – HTC Vive – Windows Mixed Reality

4 Aliens worlds. 12 fighting zones in total. bring it on!!

A cemetery for spaceships, deadly quicksand and deserts, huge labyrinthic forests…  Compete through a wide variety of environments against the rest of world with our global Scoring and Challenge system. Are you ready for this?

be first. get the early access.

Being first has its rewards. There’s a lot of content we still want to add, and we want the community to have a say and shape the future of this game. Start playing and enjoying the game now, and tell us your thoughts on it. The more feedback we get now, the better the game experience will become!

Not to mention just a couple of months down the line you’ll have the full, perfectly formed experience at a very discounted price.